Children's Products


Are you spending countless hours cutting out shapes to create a children’s apparel item, decor piece or toy? Custom Shape Pros can help you cut shapes in a fraction of the time with our steel-rule dies, custom-made just for you.



Candace Decker mass cuts felt and glitter materials for her handmade birthday crowns.
She is able to keep up with her growing business and her custom dies are a "life saver"!


This couple turned to Custom Shape Pros for a faster way to cut out shapes for moccasins, leather jewelry and more. Now they have consistent-cut and high-quality shapes in a fraction of the time.

Sunshine and vodka

Paulette Gollan has saved thousands of hours for her Etsy business. She uses multiple custom dies to create her adorable baby mobiles featuring balloons and animals.

Hemming birds boutique

Sisters in law Yana Wieckowski and Jen Wieckowski were overwhelmed with the time and physical labor it was taking to cut hundreds of bibs for their just-launched business. Since investing in a die-cutting system and custom dies they can cut hundreds in just minutes and keep up with inventory demands.


The idea for Bracks Toys LLC started when Tom Scholl wanted to construct ramps and buildings for his son Braxton's Hot Wheels and action figures. Today he makes and sells his handmade wooden construction sets online and uses custom dies to create magnetic Skins to enhance imaginative play.


Jennifer Burns' Snap-its ribbons and graduation caps help create respect, responsibility and spirit in schools and organizations. With the help of Custom Shape Pros she improved the manual, tedious production process.

fluff & COMPANY

Jillian Nichols turned her graduate school project, Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths, into a business. She invested in custom steel-rule dies to cut out fabric to make Hurl the Squirrel, Ralph the Rabbit and other shapes.