Die-Cutting System Gives Crown-Making
Entrepreneur Time to Be a Mom  

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In Gilbert, Arizona, right outside of Phoenix, Candace Decker is a Jill of all trades. “I’ve worked in hotels, dental offices, food service," she said. "I’ve even been a cocktail waitress."

When her son was born she found herself wanting to be able to stay at home. Now she owns Presh Party, a company that makes bright, sparkly felt crowns for babies and young children.

“This business affords me the time to be a mom,” said Candace.


Trying to line up scissor-cut pieces of felt perfectly wasn’t working. “Hand cutting was stressing me out,” she said.  

It used to take one to two hours to cut out 20 crowns worth of material. She knew that she had to speed up her process and make cuts more accurate in order for this model to make sense, but she wasn’t sure where to turn.

Candace was worried she’d have to resort to another company to cut out her crowns.

“When you go into business you think that you have to do this industrial stuff, but you don’t.”


Her husband started searching for fast pattern-cutting alternatives and found Custom Shape Pros. He gave a Presh Party a small loan, which she was able to use to invest in several custom steel-rule dies and an AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine.

The dies and machine quickly paid themselves off. Now she spends 30 minutes every two weeks cutting and produces 2,000 crowns at a time.

“My dies have saved my life," she said. "I save a ton of time and I’m able to do business at a reasonable price.”

Candace said that her die-cutting system has changed how she produces, and it’s given back time for her to be a mom.

“Seriously, it's the biggest factor to my business.”

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