Entrepreneur Finds Cost-Effective Way to Produce Skins for Handmade Construction Blocks

About bracks toys

In Delaware, Ohio, Tom Scholl puts in a full of work day as an attorney. After he and his wife feed their kids dinner, help with homework and put them to bed, you can hear Tom sawing away. He's making Bracks blocks, wooden handmade blocks embedded with little magnets that connect and build just about any kind of structure.

The idea for Bracks Toys LLC started when Tom wanted to construct ramps and buildings for his son Braxton's Hot Wheels and action figures. 

Tom had another business that made stickers, and he used a die to cut them out. When he decided to incorporate magnetic stickers he calls "Skins" that decorate the sides of his Bracks blocks, it made sense to use that method again, especially after research showed how it would not be cost-effective to produce pre-cut magnets.

Bracks Toys LLC invested in several wood and clear acrylic standard steel-rule dies. Tom keeps his Skins up to date by redesigning the graphics and keeps his costs down by using the same dies.

One of the biggest perks he enjoys with his dies is the ability to control inventory. He says that he only ever has to have what he needs in stock.

Tom also says that he saves an immense amount of time not having to deal with purchases from a third party and cutting the Skins on his own is quick and easy.

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Bracks Toys LLC

Delaware, Ohio, USA

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