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Custom steel-rule dies are perfect for a small business owner who makes repetitive and specific cuts. Bringing in a custom die to your process reduces cut time, ramps up production and adds consistency and precision to your product you won’t
get with a pair of scissors.


Rocks and
roots apparel

This couple turned to Custom Shape Pros for a faster way to cut out shapes for moccasins, leather jewelry and more. Now they have consistent-cut and high-quality shapes in a fraction of the time. 


Candace Decker mass cuts felt and glitter materials for her handmade birthday crowns.
She is able to keep up with her growing business and her custom dies are a "life saver"!


Self-made business owner Darcie Toom developed her own line of jewelry made with pressed chipboard. She found Custom Shape Pros to help her with her very own custom die.


Paulette Gollan has saved thousands of hours for her Etsy business. She uses multiple custom dies to create her adorable baby mobiles featuring balloons and animals.


Jillian Nichols turned her graduate school project, Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths, into a business. She invested in custom steel-rule dies to cut out fabric to make Hurl the Squirrel, Ralph the Rabbit and other shapes.

Edgewood farmhouse

Robin’s graphic design and illustration talents brought on the business Edgewood Farmhouse. Her custom box design made her business come to life.