AccuQuilt Studio Fabric-Cutting Dies

As a sister company of AccuQuilt, Custom Shape Pros is the only approved source for custom AccuQuilt Studio fabric-cutting dies. We can create dies based on your own designs or resize a current AccuQuilt Studio or GO! die (some exclusions apply). 

Your custom Studio die with be hand-crafted using your design. Steel rule made
especially for cutting fabric is cut, bent and placed in a laser-cut
high-density Russian Birch .937" die board.


Materials You Can Cut with a Studio Die

You can cut all types of fabrics including cotton, batik, flannel, fleece, wool and denim.

Using a Studio die in an AccuQuilt Studio 2 Fabric Cutter, you can cut up to ten layers of 100% cotton fabric at a time. The number of layers you are able to cut with other types of fabric depends on the thickness and density of the fabric plus the intricacy of the die design. AccuQuilt recommends always starting with fewer layers and build up. 

You can cut other materials such as fusible web and small amounts of paper with AccuQuilt dies. Keep this practice to a minimum and treat your dies like you would your fabric-cutting scissors.


"I make quilts and I was having trouble with inaccurate measuring and cutting large triangles. This led to miss-matched points. I also spent a lot of time trimming corners that slowed down my sewing.

With a custom die now the triangles are perfectly cut and my quilts are much more precise. And the added bonus is no trimming corners because I was able to design my own die to eliminate the tips of the triangles."

Louise Harris, Lander Quilts


Studio Die Sizes

Studio dies are available in a variety of board sizes, and we can also create custom board sizes. Please note that shapes must remain at least 1/2" from the board edges and that shapes may need to be rotated on the board for best cutting performance.


Note: For Super Long Cut and Super Giant dies you will need a
Studio Super Giant Die Tray ($45). The tray measures 15 1/2" x 27".


Compatible Cutting Plastics

Be sure to let us know if you need to purchase the corresponding
Cutting Plastic for your custom Studio die. 

Die Size
  Cutting Plastic  
         Small - 5⅞" x 4⅞"            PK231 - 2 pieces   $5
Long Cut - 11¾" x 4⅞"   PK232 - 2 pieces   $8
Extra Long Cut - 15" x 4⅞"   PK232 - 2 pieces   $8
Jumbo - 9¾" x 11¾"   PK233 - 2 pieces   $11
Super Jumbo - 9¾" x 15"   PK234 - 2 pieces   $13
Big - 12" x 12"   PK250 - 1 piece   $11
Giant - 15" x 18"   PK250 - 1 piece   $11
Super Long Cut - 26" x 9¾"   PK240 - 1 piece   $14
Super Giant - 26" x 13¾"   PK270 - 1 piece   $16

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you able to provide embroidery files with a custom STUDIO die?

We are not able to provide embroidery files. 

Can I order multiples of my custom STUDIO die and sell them in my store or online?

No. AccuQuilt allows Custom Shape Pros to make individual custom dies for personal or business use. They do not allow resale of custom dies.





Why are the shapes on the fabric cutting dies angled?

For ease of cutting, the shapes on the dies are angled slightly (5 degrees) to keep the blades from running parallel through the roller. In addition to improving cutting performance, this also minimizes the fraying on the edges of the fabric.

Do I line my fabric to the die board or the blade?

AccuQuilt suggests that you line your fabric according to the shape on the fabric cutting die board, not the die board itself. If the blades on the dies are at an angle you should angle your fabric and just cover the blades. This will ensure the fabric grain is aligned with the shapes’ edges and helps to minimize fabric waste. 


Custom Studio Dies That Are Not Allowed  

Licensed Studio or GO! designs/shapes without written permission from designer

Retired Studio or GO! designs/shapes

Bullseye™ designs

Exact layout of AccuQuilt proprietary Block on Board™ (BOB™) designs
including the Hunter Star, Churn Dash, Snail's Trail and others