How Much Does a Custom Die Cost?

The price quote for a custom die is determined by a number of factors.


Die Type and Size
Do you need a standard .937" steel-rule die, an acrylic base or a GO! die? How big of a board will you need for your shapes?

Amount of Rule
How many feet of rule is needed to create your die? We can also give you price options for one shape vs. multiple up on a board.

Level of Complexity
Does your die have a single simple shape or does it have intricate shapes that require extra time to manufacture?

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How Much Is It Costing You
to Not Have a Cutting Solution?

Are you not able to keep up with orders because it takes you too long to cut your shapes by hand? 

Are you spending so much time cutting shapes that you don't have time to focus on marketing and growing your business? 

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to test a business concept or a prototype before investing in expensive equipment or inventory? 

Our desktop manufacturing system with an AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 machine and custom steel-rule dies can get you up and running in no time at all!


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