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Edgewood Farmhouse: a home, a company, and the start of an awe-inspiring story. Robin Schudy, wife, mother of two, and a real go-getter, being the reason for it all. You can find Robin in her studio, at the edge of the woods in the Ozark Mountains, working away on her products, her blog, and raising a family.

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Robin started off her creative journey with party planning. Children’s parties that is. Robin would use her talents for close friends and family. Which most would be fine having just one operation to take care of, but Robin on the other hand craved something more. And that something more became a gourmet cookie business – Gaddie and Tood. Along with her cookies, Robin would make tags and little enclosures to go with them. This way, people could give their cookies as gifts. She was on cloud nine as her business flourished but then, life happened.  

Robin’s life changed and unexpected obstacles were thrown in her way, resulting in her gourmet cookie business coming to an end. But you know what they say, as one door closes another one opens. Once the baking part was over, she went back into this creative splurge and hand drew intricate designs on note cards in her free time.

Robin later bought a scanner to help speed up the process and started to dabble in graphic design on the computer. Again, as if this wasn’t enough, Robin began collecting vintage designs to add to her pile. Looking back on her designs, Robin stated, “when I realized I had literally thousands of hand drawn illustrations and vintage designs, that’s when the alphabet flashcards happened”. She just tries to keep thinking of new ways to use her designs – she’s got them, might as well use them!

Her driven character and enormous supply of designs sprung her new business into action, now known as Edgewood Farmhouse, a paper goods company that sells anything from flashcards to prints. But, when we asked Robin what motivated her to start up this company it wasn’t any ordinary response. You see, Robin always had to be creating. She is constantly dreaming up things to design, to decorate, to grow, and cook. Robin is always yearning for something new and wanting to expand her knowledge, so she really wasn’t trying to start one at all. She only wanted to share what she had learned with others.



A challenge Robin faced during the process was finding a box that fulfilled her needs. She was spending ridiculous amounts of money on boxes that were never exactly what she wanted. They would either be the wrong size or she wouldn’t like the style. She needed something that fit her personality and would be more of an inexpensive solution. Something that Custom Shape Pros could make for her. Which is exactly who she turned to.

Her hardest challenge in it all: trying not to get bored of what she is doing. In other words, not getting stuck in a routine. She found a solution to fight this feeling of boredom early in her journey though: relax and make what makes you happy.

If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing then why do it? You have to live this life, so make it fun, and do what you want. Hopefully if you are happy it will reflect in your work and be contagious to others. You’ll notice her Etsy shop is a representation of her mood and the stage of life she is currently in. It is fun, quirky, and just down-right beautiful.

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One of Robin’s favorite parts about having her own business is the packaging and being able to create a beautiful experience right when your order arrives at your doorstep. Robin’s vision was to have her cards come wrapped in a totally unique box, something she designed herself and brought that ‘WOW’ factor. When she found Custom Shape Pros she knew she wouldn’t have to settle for anything less, Robin designed the box and her vision really did become a reality. Once Robin received her custom box die she was head over heels in love with it – not only did it solve the problem of customization but was also super cost efficient. It allows her to change the designs she prints on them as much as she wants. The GrandeMARK 2 Die-Cutting Machine she bought allows her to make as many boxes as she needs and only when she needs them – simply brilliant!

Robin stated that “these tools make your projects better than you thought possible”. Going hand in hand, her machine and the custom shape was a perfect match. She looks forward to ordering again soon because with her first custom die she realized anything is possible and has been inspired to keep creating!


Throughout Robin’s journey she’s learned to take one step at a time and to enjoy the ride. She has accomplished so much and we wanted to know if there was any piece of advice she would give to other eager go-getters like herself. Robin answered whole heartedly – “Just start! If you are lucky you will always be learning and changing as an artist. It is important to capture and share what you are interested in right NOW. Don’t wait”.

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