Burp Cloth Designer Invests in Herself and Makes Product Assembly More Efficient

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Jillian Nichols had the idea for Vomit Varmints Burp Cloths as a graduate student at Kansas State University. While working on a degree in Interior Architecture & Product Design, she developed a project for her Universal Parenting Products thesis that could be marketed to anyone regardless of gender, age or physical ability.

Vomit Varmints definitely check off each of those criteria. They are bright, colorful and each animal-shaped cloth has its own personality. You can learn more about her cleverly named products at her website or purchase them for yourself or for a gift on her Etsy store.


As a product designer, Jillian was looking for a way to develop this commodity on a scale that made assembly efficient from the beginning. A colleague recommended a die-cutting machine and she did her own research to see if it was a business decision she could afford.


Shortly after, Jillian says she called Custom Shape Pros to order an AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 machine along with her first three custom steel-rule dies which included Hurl the Squirrel, Upchuck the Chipmunk and Ralph the Rabbit. Impressed with her initial order, she placed a second and acquired Pukey the Penguin, Heaver the Beaver and Retch the Rhino.

Even though her custom dies have always been part of her process she says the time savings are enormous. Her advice to other small business owners and designers looking to scale production is to start small and invest in yourself.

Jillian plans to make another order soon for Nauseous the Narwhal.


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