Quilter Leaves Personal Mark on Her Creations


Pam Heller has worked at AccuQuilt since 2012 and works with quilters, retail stores and quilt guilds. Quilting has been a part of her life for almost 20 years and she’s hooked.

She lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband. They have two sons and a two-year-old granddaughter, Oakley.



Pam met quilter and textile artist Luke Haynes at the AccuQuilt office during his Artist in Residence in 2015. During his one-week stay, Luke taught classes to AccuQuilt employees and showed his techniques to visitors. Besides being blown away by his unique, modern quilts, she admired that many were personalized with a fabric block that had his first name cut out of a square.

“Quilters are recommended to create a label for every quilt they make so we know who made the quilt and the time period it was made,” Pam said. “Luke Haynes, who is one of our favorite quilt artists, had a custom GO! die made with his name on it and, I thought, if Luke can have one made then I can have one made too.” 


In June 2016 she contacted Custom Shape Pros and explained that she wanted to create her own “signature” in a square block on a 6” x 6” GO! board.

“My granddaughter Oakley calls me Lola so I had a Lola die made,” she said. “I have put it on all of the quilts I have made since she was born.”

Pam said the process was very easy from start to finish. “The process was super easy. I just told them what I wanted it to say and the type of lettering I liked. I also wanted to make sure that when I cut out the letters I also wanted a square around it.”

So what has the reaction been to her Lola mark?

“I give tours all of the time at AccuQuilt, and I also show people that if they want to label their quilts with something uniquely their own then this is the way to do it,” she said. “People are really excited and want to come up with their own look like a heart and ‘Grandma’ or a star or something fun. They love the fact that it can be as small or as large as they want it to be.”


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