Pinnovation® Dies

Now it's even easier to speed up production of preprinted materials including packaging, signs, invitations and more. We can include a set of registration pins to hold any size of preprinted material in place on a die.  Now you can quickly cut hundreds of custom pieces without the labor or hand cutting.

Pinnovation dies are compatible with the AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 Machine,
AccuQuilt Studio 2 Fabric Cutter and Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine.


How to Create Your Design When Using a Pinnovation Die


Step 2
Place the die in your die-cutting machine's tray. Print a test sheet for your design and place the printed sheet face down on the foam side of the die. Note that some dies are symmetrical and can be placed either direction on the die, while others need to be inserted a specific direction to align with the location of the blades.

Cover the die completely with a sheet of Cutting Plastic or a Cut & Crease Mat. Roll through the machine and inspect the sample cuts to determine if any design adjustments need to be made. You may need to move the elements due to shifting caused by your printer. 

Step 1
Create your design using the provided template of your choice. To know where the die will cut and where you should place your design you can use one of the two template options — a PDF or Microsoft Word template.

Note: A Word template may not be available for some designs.


Step 3
When you are satisfied with the location of your design, print the necessary quantity you need and cut them out with the die.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to completely cover all of the registration pins with a same-size sheet of Cutting Plastic or Cut & Crease Mat. Then press the plastic/mat down on the die, pushing the pins into the die, before engaging the die with the machine's roller. Failing to push the pins down before rolling through the machine may damage the pins.


Pinnovation® Templates


PDF templates can be used in page layout and graphic programs such as Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator® and Photoshop®, Microsoft Publisher and others.

To use a PDF template:

  • Save the template to your computer.

  • Create a new document in your design program that matches the sheet size used for the set up of your Pinnovation die (ie, 8 1/2" x 11"). 

  • Place or import the PDF file into your document. You may need to rotate the image to match your page orientation. Move the template so it is directly on top of the page.

  • Add your own content and/or images to your document. Before printing, you will need to hide or remove the PDF template layer.


If you do not have access to a sophisticated design program then you may want to use a Microsoft Word template especially if you only need to include text in your design.

Please note that a Word template only provides a "table" for you to enter your information. You will not be able to see the actual lines where the cutting blades will be. Word templates are not available for some designs.

To use a Microsoft Word template: 

  • Save the template to your computer. Open the file and "Save As" to save a new document.
  • If you do not see the table gridlines then click in the table area. Then under Drawing Tools on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Alight, and then click View Gridlines. In other versions of Word you may find this under Layout then Table Tools.
  • Highlight the sample “Text” content in each cell and replace it with your own content and/or images. You can then format the text font, size, color and style. To add an image, click on the “Insert” drop-down menu, select “Picture” and “From File”. Locate the image you wish to insert.
  • You can send the file directly to your home printer and the gray lines will not print.


Pinnovation dies are compatible with the AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 Machine,
AccuQuilt Studio 2 Fabric Cutter and Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine.