Why Custom Shape Pros

Custom Shape Pros can make a steel-rule die to cut your shape for any business or personal need. We pride ourselves in the quality of products, helpful customer service, competitive prices and fast turn-around.


Amazing Customer Service
We are focused on helping you find a solution to fit your needs, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Apparel & Jewelry

Productivity Booster
Stop cutting out shapes by hand or using a hand punch. Use steel-rule dies to cut out shapes in a fraction of the time.

Multiple Shapes, One Die
Need to cut a lot of shapes for a business need or event? Repeat multiple shapes on one board. You'll save a lot of time!

As Fast as 5 Business Days
Once we get your approval on the design we'll get right to work on your die. It will be out the door in five days or less.

Cut It Out
Steel-rule dies cut through anything scissors can cut. You can always send us a sample of your materials to test it first. 

One Shape, Multiple Sizes
Want to turn your logo or mascot into a die? We can create multiple sizes of your custom shape for a variety of uses. 


“Our custom die has literally saved our business and allowed us to grow. It’s allowed us to greatly increase the number of products we can sew, as well as helped with the consistency of our products.”

Yana Wieckowski, Hemming Birds Boutique

You name it... we can make it!

If you need a die made from your own design or if you would like to adjust an existing AccuCut die, it's fast and easy to get a FREE no obligation quote from our custom die experts. You'll be surprised at how affordable custom dies really are.

We can work from your digital files, sketches, artwork or simply a description of the shapes you need. No matter how simple or complex, we can make your die.

And you will be pleased with the results. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, competitive prices and fast turn-around, resulting in the best value for you!


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