Industries We Supply with Steel-Rule Dies

Custom Shape Pros provides time-saving solutions across a myriad of industries. Whether you have ready-to-go CAD files to make gasket dies or you are a entrepreneur looking for a faster way to make your products, our customer service team is ready to help.


Non-profit Days for Girls turned to Custom Shape Pros for all of the dies they need to create feminine hygiene kits that are distributed throughout the world.

“The dies have increased the value of my time and the time of my volunteers,” said Carol. “I can cut 996 shields in a few hours. Before, that would have taken days.”

Carol Olsen, Days for Girls volunteer

presh toast crowns

Candace Decker mass cuts felt and glitter materials for her handmade birthday crowns.
She is able to keep up with her growing business and her custom dies are a "life saver"! 

rocks and Roots apparel

This couple turned to Custom Shape Pros for a faster way to cut out shapes for moccasins and leather jewelry. Now they have consistent, high-quality shapes in a fraction of the time.

doug Land

Doug Land proves that you can use a die to cut just about anything. He cuts small scale-like shapes out of aluminum cans and creates layers upon layers of them in his works of art.



Rob Hutt's labor costs to create his Super-Stache beards and moustaches were "through the roof". He's able to cut thousands of his products in a fraction of the time with his AccuCut GrandeMARK 2 machine and custom steel-rule dies.


Paulette Gollan has saved thousands of hours for her Etsy business. She uses multiple custom dies to create her adorable baby mobiles featuring balloons and animals.


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